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"refugees are seen as an amorphous mass"


training AramFor many policy makers and service providers the world of non-Western migrants is a (partially) unknown world. We can advise and help to get your policy, service or care more appropriate and / or more accessible. We can contribute to an increased competence in this matter of you and your employees,.

We also work for municipalities and other public authorities. We provide courses and training for refugee organizations, associations and other organizations that work with refugees, such as educational institutions, asylum centers or the police. This could be a day course or workshop, or consultations, projects and training sessions over a longer period.

The result of our services is a better understanding of the matter, a better treatment or supervision plan, better diagnostics and better questionnaires.

This is what the Aram Hasan CoTeam offers your organization:

  • Advice regarding cultural oriented help or services.
  • Advice on psychosocial support and coordination of aid.
  • Support in shaping or carrying out prevention activities.
  • Support on screening.
  • Knowledge transfer and training.
  • Second opinion.
  • Development and support in the design and implementation of group therapy or day treatment.