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"refugees are seen as an amorphous mass"


aram-1 (2)My name is Aram Hasan. I live in the Netherlands and had to flee from Syria in the late 1990s because of my activities for a human rights organization. I just completed my study medicine at that time in the Ukraine.

During a tour from one Asylum Center to the other, with my wife and two children, it was made possible for me to finish my study. I specialised in trauma treatment, also because of my own experiences. The mental health of refugees is very important for me. In 2012 I have set up the foundation ‘Psychiatrists without borders’.

As a psychiatrist I now treat people with a similar background as I have. It brings me great satisfaction to see that my clients are doing well with the support they get from the Dutch society and myself. In most cases my clients manage to build a fully fledged existence in their new environment.